Purpose is key for every existence. Anything without a purpose is a threat to any society. Take for example, a man who has no specific in mind of where he is going will not live long, he will be wiped off from existence by any element of purpose. Someone may just hit him with a car in 

the course of his wandering endeavor, a beast may kill him if he trespass to their territory,

 people may beat him to death if he walked up to their compound, he may end up in jail if caught where is forbidden for pedestrian or civilian like army barracks. T

he same way when an object lack purpose, anything can happen to it. Anybody can hold it hostage, can be used for anything either wrong or right, no matter how expensive it may be, it can be an agent of anything.

Nations that are filled up with people that lacks purpose are under threat of insecurity because, a people without purpose can be used for any purpose. In a case there is no body to use them, devil will use them.  Your security and point of existence is your purpose. The most dangerous person to avoid in life is a man without a purpose of what, where, how and when. Such person can be used as anything against you, in case there is no body to use him, devil will use him.

Nations without purpose are nations where people don’t see any good reason why they should be identified with that country. A nation  without common goals mere exist like goats wandering about without at tangible mission for transformation and development.

Most African Nations are filled up with people that lack knowledge of what patriotism is all about, because, they don’t see any idea in the leadership of their Nations that worth diving into.

African Leaders lacks moral and potential capacity to give purpose to their people. No nation in Africa as of today can boast to have a 20 years plan that the whole nation will buy into, where some leaders fake out few ideas, the purpose of the idea is defeated when the people can not see themselves nor their future in the so called “National Agenda”.

So, give a nation a purpose and you will see a changed people, a changed society, a changed mentality and unity of purpose.

War, protest, strike actions among workers, violence everywhere is a testimonial to the fact that African leaders lacks capacity to give common purpose to their respective nations and therefore the weak are used by the strong for an adverse purposes.

In my research that I have carried out across the continent of Africa shows that  we all have a COMMON NEED, we therefore need a COMMON APPROACH and we must be ready to pay a COMMON SACRIFICE.

                                                                                                                                                                               to be continued…

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