Africa needs a leader. Waiting for your emergence. Africa as a continent needs a leader and she is waiting for your emergence.

African Nation needs a leader of understanding, one among his people armed with a clear vision and direction for the continent.

African Nations have been victims of maladministration, corrupt practices and selfishness from the so called presidents of their respective countries. African leaders preach sacrifice to their people but lead not by example of that they preach.

See beyond your nation, it is your continent that is beckoning for help. You are good and sound enough to do it, all you need is understand and must be equally armed with vision and direction.


You must understand yourself. Many Leaders in the across this continent don’t understand themselves. Self discovery, understanding and transformation is what  vital. You must be able to lead yourself. Putting yourself under certain routines, creating boundaries of what you must not be found doing, where you must not be found  going and what you must never be found eating, what you must net be caught speaking among other demands of Continental leadership trait. Until you can lead yourself you can’t lead others. If you cannot follow your leadership your leadership capacity is weak. And when your leadership capacity is weak, you have failed. This great position demands consistent character and attitude. If you cannot submit to your leadership, no one will. Leadership becomes most effective when leaders do what they preach and preach what they practice. Never forget that Africans are tired of speaking leaders they want to see role model (Leading Leaders). Work on yourself to worth being a leader.


Understand your history

Understanding the existing culture and practice

Understand values. The value of the continent called Africa is on tangible resources and things they can see because that is how our leaders have program our mind to be. They have betrayed every trust in leadership and they now live with the principle of seeing is believing.