TRU-BIZ IMMACULATE ENTERPRISE (Registered Company in Nigeria) offers life changing business opportunities that has affected many lives and businesses all across the globe. TrueBiz EMPOWERMENT PROJECT is the Business Support Programme of TRU-BIZ IMMACULATE ENTERPRISE where we help individuals and corporate organisations to turn their dreams into unimaginable reality.

Tru-Biz Immaculate Enterprise will help you to come up with SOUND AND PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS PLAN that is simple and clear in a way that just anyone can work with it or run it INDEPENDENTLY in any business area of your choice within 4 WORKING DAYS. After identifying the choice of BUSINESS IDEA that you want to venture into Feasibility Study and A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS PLAN about that idea becomes inevitable. We help our client that request for our Professional services in writing QUALITY AND PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS PLAN for their proposed Business Ideas to FIRSTLY come up with thoroughFeasibility Study FREE OF CHARGE and also help them to Create and Design FREE WEBSITE for their proposed Business. For any of your choice business we render startup support both managerial and finance wise.

We also train people for skills and arm them financially with start-up capital. We offer ICT training, Business training and Enterprenuership training  in partnership with Reputable Financial Institutions and Micro-credit Organizations to empower trained persons with financial resources to engage in what they have learnt for economic development of the country.

Through TrueBiz ICT WORLD which is one of our channel of transformation, we prefer solution to challenges that has to do with process of services, productions and communication with technology. We develop software that cut cost, speed process and make dreams cheaply achievable. We develop websites for large scale and small scale business organizations, religious institutions, hospitals, government agencies, schools etc. We also develop and create software that that facilitates services in sales, hospital management, school management, portal management, Google app advert creation, etc. Finally, our ICT programme also involves BULK SMS business development for people to have their BULK SMS gateway and be a re-seller to churches, mosques, campuses, institutions, and thousands of potential establishment all over the world. We also have platform for this service; visit www.sms.truebiz.net this platform is Strong, Prompt and Reliable.

We lead by example in rendering best practices direct business services and engaging in entrepreneurship ventures. We sale our Business Support Software, ICT Tutorial Guide, our business guide in different areas, entrepreneurship videos, audio business books and detailed manuals on How to go about any business of worth and we also offer financial and professional support. BEING HERE IS A PRIVILEGE and it is an OPPORTUNITY that you must not miss to live in the reality of your dreams.

We also offer global training services on any business area of interest at resonable cost. Our full packaged Business tutorials are in different formats. We have video format, PDF format and that is compatible Windows, iPad, iPod,  iOS and Android devices. Our Business Services also involves corporate training for Business Institutions, Financial Institutions, Academb1ic Institutions, Religious
Institutions, Private Business Establishments among others.

Our league of Coaches are reputable professionals in their respective fields with international professional experiences. Contact us today to explore in the world of unlimited possibilities and live in the reality of your dreams.

Please call any of the listed numbers for professional advise: +2348169696914, +2348179360476, +2349057079546